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EViL is an open-source .NET project that contains numerous custom attributes targeted at performing business rule validation on entity classes. EViL allows developers to decorate entities and their properties with any combination of attributes that are required to satisfy a given business rule. This approach gives developers an extremely simple yet elegant technique to solving many business rules commonly found in today's applications. Because the EViL attributes perform all the necessary conditional logic for developers, the developer's codebase becomes much thinner and easier to test, while at the same time satisfying the business rule requirements.

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System Requirements
EViL is written entirely in C# 2.0; therefore, the only requirement is that you have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed on the machine where you'll be using EViL. If you want to work with the source code, you'll need Visual Studio 2005.

Credit Where Credit Is Due
EViL was born out of some initial work laid down by Ben Von Handorf. You can find him at

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